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The Hononegah Kids Wrestling Club is open to all kids ages 6 to 14.  The club was started to teach young wrestlers basic technique, team participation, and self-respect.  Wrestling is a very individually competitive sport which stimulates physical, mental and social growth.

Please remember that each participant is a representative of the Hononegah Kids Wrestling Club and must conduct them selves accordingly.  This is especially important when we are at meets.

Kids Club

Parents, volunteers are always needed, and suggestions are always welcome.  Let’s make this a great year by everyone getting involved.  


Items needed for practice:

            Wrestling shoes, work out shorts, t-shirt, headgear, optional mouth piece

           We bring in a company that sells wrestling shoes and headgear so you don’t have to drive all over finding them!

Items needed for tournaments:

            Wrestling shoes, singlet (given out later), headgear, mouth piece


Wrestling Bio Page:

You now have the option of having a wrestlers Bio page at www.hononegahwrestling.com. You can use this page to showcase your child's education and sports achievements. To help offset the cost of hosting and building there is a charge of $75 per student. An annual renewal fee is $25. After the initial building of the page you will be able to have the page changed after the current wrestling year but before the start of the next wrestling year. Simply fill out this form, Wrestler Bio Submit  Once filled out and submitted you will be notified via e-mail how to pay.



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